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This piece of software allows you to track and record all your flights, it connects to your sim via FSUIPC or WideFS as you wish, and send in realtime your plane path data to a cloud database, then you'll be able to export data as XML ou KML (Google Earth format) and keep a track of all your flights.

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Sim Playlist

This one allows you to point to a folder with your stored music and play it with any button of your pit / sim, using FSUIPC offset you can control the playlist, you can also choose the audio output target if you have many soundcards (I.E. play music to your passengers, why not ?).

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Prosim Programs Launcher

This software can be installed in any networked computer in your simulator installation, his main role is to keep an eye if prosim is running or not, this aplication can start locally installed apps if Prosim runs, and close these apps if prosim closes. Useful to start programs like sioc, prosimdisplay etc... installed remotely.

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Key to WideFS

This one allow you to program a remote keyboard with touch events (up / down) and send FSUIPC offsets to WideFS with each event, sometimes using remote keyboards (in other computers) may be useful, what about you ?

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Sim Intercom

This application has two sub applications, a server and a client. The prpose is to pass audio trough the networked computers in your sim installation, you can install the client in your mais sim machine and as many servers you want in another computers, pressing a PTT button you can talk to the oter computers, ideal to ask for a beer to your wife while flying !

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FSUIPC reserved offsets

Pick the FSUIPC reserved offsets list to program your sim and control the applications.

This reserved offsets are assigned in accord with Peter Dowson.

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About me

Hello, I'm Mario,

I'm a flight simulator enthusiast since too many years and also a software developper.

So, I decide to join both passions to create funny and usefull stuff for the community.

Keep in touch with me, I'll improve and create surely new sruff for all of us.

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